Miramundo was founded by bringing together two companies with activities across Europe and West Africa and a common thread, to provide sustainable and healthy solutions and promote innovative and efficient practices. 

Miramundo combines professional services with an ethical outlook. This conscious approach is reflected in everything we do as part of our
Business Consulting Services, the portfolio and services we provide under our brand Going 0 and the social enterprise and charities we support. 

Going 0 Plaza is an online marketplace to buy/sell or rent services and innovative eco-friendly products and to plan and book sustainable events, accommodation, and experiences. We also have a range of sustainable products under our brand Going 0.

The social enterprise we support is Project 33: plastic R3FORM3D, and the charity we have worked with and we are happy to help is  Cœur du Fouta, a charity that focuses on helping people in the Sahel region and preserving the history and culture of the Fouta tribe.

The background of our management team is in executive advisory, agile methodologies, IT business transformation, business administration, strategic planning, and sustainability.  With experience in working in both the private and the public sector and with NGOs, and delivering successful programme and organisational development, and the support of trusted partners, these skills can be applied to the full range of services we offer.

Our partners and teams of specialists in the different areas, such as Mirlando’s technical knowhow and solar energy solutions with reliable suppliers, and DAB & Freres with their installation teams help us ensure the successful delivery of bespoke, efficient, reliable and sustainable services and solutions.